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Welcome to my site and its health programs, which are intended to supplement diet and exercise programs you may be attempting yourself, or to coordinate with treatments you have been prescribed by your doctor – especially when diet and exercise are a first line of treatment.

The most current information on the symptoms and control of pre diabetes, diabetes, weight gain and obesity, diets, pre menopause and menopause will be shared.

You will be guided and encouraged to change lifelong habits into life affirming choices for good health via regulating blood sugar, building and maintaining vital metabolism, and increasing daily activity and exercise.

Moreover, you will be learning proper core eating habits and integrating the latest nutritional facts into a common sense eating lifestyle that increases energy and overall health.

I urge you to read the words of some of my patients and colleagues. They tell the story better than I can.

Please join me on a journey to a natural and a healthier lifestyle via my programs, books, and blogs.

Are you one of many menopause women who are seeing and feeling uncontrollable symptoms and body changes? I can help!

Are you one of 65 million Americans at risk for or diagnosed with diabetes?

I can help!

Are you one of 150 million Americans who are overweight or obese?

I can help!