Welcome to my Weight Loss Program, which is intended to supplement the diet and exercise programs you may be attempting yourself, or coordinate with treatment you have been prescribed by your doctor – especially when diet and exercise are a first line of treatment.

First, however, let me congratulate you for making a very wise decision – to step into a normal and healthy lifestyle.

  • Are you one of 150 million Americans who are overweight or obese?
  • Are you one of 65 million Americans at risk for or diagnosed with diabetes?
  • Are you one of many menopause women who are seeing and feeling uncontrollable weight gain and body changes?
  • Are you one of the many pregnant women who are looking for a healthy diet pregnancy, safe exercise and controlled weight gain?
  • I can help!

The most current information on the symptoms and control of prediabetes, diabetes, weight gain, obesity, diets, pregnancy weight control and physical preparation for delivery, perimenopause and menopause will be shared. I will work with you to focus on improving your health and well-being, empowering you to enhance your ability to metabolize food, lose weight, strengthen your immune system, and, at the same time, increase your energy level.

Diet will be a lifestyle – your lifestyle. Exercise, activity and fitness will become your lifestyle too.

Through interaction via the web/phone, you will be guided and encouraged to change lifelong habits into life affirming choices for good health via regulating blood sugar, building and maintaining vital metabolism, increasing daily activity and exercise. Moreover, you will be learning proper core eating habits and integrating the latest nutritional facts into a common sense eating lifestyle that increases energy and overall health.

I urge you to read the words of some of my patients and the doctors who have referred them for yourself. They tell the story better than I can.

Please, join me on a journey to a natural and a healthier lifestyle.

I want to take the conversation to you via email or phone consultations. I will provide and share with you practical nutrition, exercise and weight loss information I know you want, need, and will be able to adhere to.

I will answer your questions on a variety of
Nutrition, Exercise and Diabetes issues such as:

  • Blood sugar regulations and Weight Loss
  • Insulin production and Weight Gain
  • Foods and Weight Loss
  • Various diets and Weight Loss/Weight Gain
  • Exercise and Weight Loss
Mickey Harpaz, EdDC Membership Options
Email Correspondence

I am offering you the opportunity to receive answers to common questions you may have about any nutritional and/or exercise matters, related to health concerns such as: weight gain, pre diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

  • You may send me an email with your question and I will respond by email within 24 hours.
  • One question per email.
  • You may ask as many questions as you like for a fee of $49.95 annually.
Phone Consultation

A personal phone consultation with Mickey Harpaz, EdDC may be right for you if you feel you need help with the following:

  • Attaining your ultimate health through nutrition and exercise.
  • Reaching your nutritional and/or exercise objectives.
  • Assorting through the abundance and conflicting nutritional and exercise information that you are encountering every day.

A personal phone consultation with Mickey Harpaz, EdDC allows you to experience and benefit the following:

  • Evaluation: I will ask questions about your medical history, dietary habits, exercise routine, and future short-term and long-term objectives, to help me understand your unique circumstances and your personal goals.
  • Review Options: I will review with you the potential options available to you toward achieving your objectives.
  • Personalized Approach: I will provide you with personal support and attention regarding your nutritional, exercise and related health issues such as: weight gain, pre diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.
  • Convenience: Your consultation will be by phone or Skype at aggregable convenient time.
  • Duration: As long as needed.
  • A personal phone/skype consultation with Mickey Harpaz, EdDC is US $135.00 per session.